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Pre-school Kids(3-6 years)

1.Beginner Dragons

2.Flying Dragons

Lower Elementary School(1st-3rd year students)7-9 years

1.Beginner Dragons(Unranked - 7th kyu…White and blue belts)

2.Flying Dragons(6th kyu-shodan…Yellow; orange; brown and purple belts)

Upper Elementary School(4th - 6th year students) 10-12 years

1.Beginner Dragons(Unranked-3rd kyu…White, blue, yellow, orange belts)

2.Flying Dragons(2nd kyu - Yudan…Brown and purple belts)

Junior high and High school 13-18 years

1.Beginner Dragons(Unranked - 4th kyu…White belts)

2.Flying Dragons(3rd kyu-Yudan…Brown and black belts)

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